Left "Spit in Ya Eye" Johnny Cash - acrylic on reclaimed fence palings  |  Right "If You Think I'm Strange" Joan Jet - acrylic on reclaimed fence palings
"The Man Who Sold The World" David Bowie - enamel on reclaimed fence palings
Left "Music Love and Truth" Prince - acrylic on reclaimed pallet timber  |  Right "I'm Your Man" Leonard Cohen - enamel on reclaimed ply board
"Nevermind" Kurt Cobain - acrylic on reclaimed fence palings
Left "Live Free"   |   Right "Freedom" Enamel on reclaimed fence palings
Stencil Painting has been around in various forms since the dawn of man, spitting ochre over the top of your hand on a cave wall is effectively stencil painting. Although, today it is mostly recognised as an outlaw medium used for creating illegal Street Art and in many cases that is true. But over the last few decades, those Street Artists have taken the simple stencil to new levels and the Art has gained respect with both the public and art communities. Stencil Artist’s works are displayed and sold in Galleries with many Artists achieving worldwide recognition; Blek le Rat 'Godfather of Stencil Art', Jef Aérosol, C215, Van Ray, Icy & Sot, Sten & Lex and of course Banksy, to name only some. And if you haven’t yet, we highly recommend checking out their work.
However, Galleries or not, the work hasn't lost it’s defiant and rebellious attitude, delivering the artist’s un-compromised message and most Artists still prefer the street, illegal or not.  

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